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Ref.: 6000  20 test/kit




Amplicon Rx  has been designed specifically for post-PCR recovery of STR amplicons from forensic DNA multiplex PCR reactions.  The kit will preferentially bind and elute PCR amplicons from a mixture of amplified DNA and unincorporated oligonucleotide primers.

The kit uses a proprietary silica-based resin and non-chaotropic buffer to bind amplified DNA fragments to the membrane of the spin column while unincorporated PCR primers, nucleotides and salts are washed through. 


No additional washing steps are required or recommended.  The ratio of oligonucleotides and buffer is important for the proper functioning of the resin.  The method conveniently elutes the PCR-generated DNA fragments into formamide LIZ/ROX, which can then be loaded directly on a capillary electrophoresis instrument for analysis (dye-labeled DNA size standards do not interfere with the elution of amplicons).


The kit will concentrate and purify the PCR-generated amplicons such that the relative fluorescent units (RFUs) of the sample can be increased by at least 5-6 fold. 


A variety of different samples can be processed with Amplicon RX including ‘touch DNA’, low template DNA, low copy number samples, or any multiplex DNA-STR reaction where RFU yields are considered less than optimal. 


Total hands-on time is approximately 10 minutes.

Post-PCR Clean-up Kit:

-  Boost Amplicon RFUs

-  Reduce Unincorporated PCR Primers

-  Elute with Formamide LIZ/ROX - Ready for CE

-  Recover ALL your Data


Prescribed for:

-  Low Template Reactions

-  Inhibited PCR

-  Touch DNA

-  Anytime you Need More Signal !!


Procedure Highlights:

-  Time:     10 min.

-  SOP:      1 column

                 1 buffer

                 1 elution (no wash steps)

-  Results:  7 -20 x RFU boost


Amplicon RX


20 preps / kit   *   1 year shelf life

Post-PCR recovery for DNA-STR multiplex


  Before   Amplicon RX


  After   Amplicon RX



(*)   DNA profile results from a firgerprint on a glass silide


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