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Ref.: 1000 RSID-Saliva (field test) 5 test/box

Ref.: 2000 RSID-Semen (field test) 5 test/box

Ref.: 3000 RSID-Blood (field test) 5 test/box

Ref.: 4000 RSID-Urine    (field test) 5 test/box

RSID - Field test



  •  New field test for the identification of saliva, semen and blood, are designed for fast, easy and reliable detection of human fluids.


  • All items and materials necessary to perform the analysis of the stains found at the scene of the crime and the protocol to follow and the results are included in the kit



Efficient  analisys of the samples

  • Sampling and extraction: 50 minutes

  • Getting Results: 10 minutes

  • Total Time: 1 hour


Inmuno-chromatic test of lateral flow

  • Clear and easy to read results.

  • Long shelf life.

  • Protocols. based on Forensic methods.


All items and material required are included:

  • Extraction reagent, water, pipettes, frame, protocol, instructions, and test strips or specific

  • Materials and single use utensils to eliminate possible contamination


Detects quantities up to 1 μl  Saliva, Semen o Blood

  • There are not observed cross reactions with other human fluids (saliva, semen, blood, urine)

  • There are not observed cross reactions with animal fluids (saliva, semen, blood, urine)

  • No  DNA damages


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