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Ref.: 400-05    5 test/kit

Ref.: 400-10  10 test/kit

RSID - Urine



The new test RSID-Urine is designed for fast, easy and reliable detection of human urine found on a variety of samples, such as: cotton swabs and a wide range of fabric materials. The RSID-Urine test shows no inhibition by the prescenceof other body fluids - saliva, semen, blood, vaginal fluid or menstrual blood

The only rapid test for Urine

 -  Do Not show any cross reactions with other tested human body fluids.

    Detects from 10 ml of  Urine

Polyclonal anibodies

 - Detects Tamm-Horsfall protein

 - No cross-reaction observed with human saliva, semen, blood, vaginal fluid or menstrual blood.

 - RSID-Urine is not species specific, and cross reactswith a subset of non-human samples.

Immunochromatographic lateral flow strip

 -  Results in five minutes

 -  Standard assay format

Complete set of protocols included

 -  Extraction protocols for forensic samples.


RSDITM-Urine:    Comparative Analysis                   Forensic detection of Urine

  Format Sensitivity Specificity Comparisson

 RSIDTM  - Urine

Lateral Flow Strip

Med, < 10 µL

Urine only (not species specific)

Only strip test for urine. Urine Specific

Jaffe´s test

Chemical Rxn

Poor, < 50 µL

Very poor

Not urine specific


Chemical Rxn

Poor, < 50 µL

Very Poor

Not urine specific

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