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Ref.: 0130 25 test/kit

RSID - Saliva



The RSID-Saliva test is designed for fast, easy and reliable detection of human saliva from a variety of samples found as: envelopes, glass bottles, aluminum cans, plastic caps, etc. No Inhibition by the presence of other body fluids - blood, semen, vaginal secretions, or urine.

The Only Rapid test for Human saliva

   -  NO animal saliva cross react with this test procedure.

No "High Dose Hook" effect

   -  Avoids false negative results.    

   -  Minimal sample dilution required. 

Detecs as little as 50 nL of human saliva

   -   The RSID - Saliva results, correlate with STR procedure

Efficient sample analysis

   -  Strip test results, obtained in 10 minutes

 Dual-monoclonal antibodies

   -  Specific for human salivary amylase antigen

   -  NO Cross-Reaction Observed with Blood, Semen, Urine, Vaginal Secretions, or

      menstrual Blood.

Lateral flow strip test

   -  Standard assay format

   -  Extended Shelf Life

Complete set of protocols included

   -  Extraction protocols for forensic samples.

   -  Single tube extraction.  

   -  Protocol suitable for STR Analysis and DNA Extraction

   -  Easy integration into standard laboratory procedure


RSIDTM   -Saliva:   Competitive analisys                    Saliva forensic detection

  Format Sensitivity Specificity Comparison

RSIDTM  - Saliva

Lateral Flow Strip

High, < 50 nl


Ony strip test for saliva. best specificity

  Enzymatic Assay

Liquid or solid  Phase

Med, < 1 µL


Least specific of commercial test


Gel diffusion

Low, < 5 µL


Slowest and least sensitive

+   Specific for human salivary (amyA) antigen- Multiple detection of body fluids stains from a single possible extraction.

*    No efecto "High Dose Hook"

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