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Ref.: 0330 25 test/kit

RSID - Blood



The new identification test (RSID) Blood is designed for quick, easy and reliable  CONFIRMATION of the detection of human blood from a variety of samples. Important: RSID-blood shows no inhibition  by the presence of body fluids such as semen, saliva, vaginal secretions or urine.


The first Confirmatory test for Human Blood

   - Quick test for human blood.

   - NO cross-reaction with animal blood using this test.

   - The species tested include ferrets, skunk and primates.

No"High Dose Hook"  effect

     - Avoids false negative results.

   - Minimum sample dilution required.

Detects as little as 100 nl of human blood

   -  RSID -  blood results correlate with STR results.

Efficient sample analysis

   -  Strip test results, obtained in 10 minutes.

Dual-monoclonal antibodies

   -  Specific for human glycophorin A antigen.

   -  No cross reactions observed with human saliva, semen, urine, breast milk or amniotic


Lateral flow strip test

   -  Standard assay format.

   -  Extended shelf life.

Complete set of protocols included

  -  Extraction protocols for forensic samples, including envelopes, bottles, cans and 

     stained surfaces.

  -  Single tube extraction. 

  -  Protocol suitable for STR Analysis.

  -  Integration into standard laboratory procedure.


RSDITM-Blood:    Competitive analysis                Forensic detection of blood

Format Sensitivity Specificity Comparison

RSIDTM  - Blood

Lateral flow strip

Med, < 50 nL

Human ONLY!

Confirmatory test

Hemoglobin Cards

Lateral flow strip

High, < 5 nL

Good - primates, ferrets

Widely used, presumptive test,

dilution required

Heme-based Chemical test

Chemical - Rxn

High, < 5 nL

Poor - any heme, rust, detergents, etc.

Widely used, poor specificity

+   The only CONFIRMATORY TEST for human blood - no animal or primate cross reactivity

*    No High Dose Hook" effect

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