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Ref.: 0230  25 test/kit

RSID - Semen

The new identification test (RSID) sperm test is designed for fast, easy and CONFIRMATORY detection of human seminal fluid samples found in a variety of samples, including clothing, bedding, vaginal swabs, prophylactics and stained surfaces. Important: No inhibition by the presence of other body fluids - blood, saliva, vaginal secretions or urine.

The first Confirmatory test for Human Semen

   -  No cross reactions with other human body fluids.

   -  Animal seminal fluid does NOT cross react with this test procedure.

Detects as little as 100 nL of human semen

   -  RSID - semen results, correlate with Y-STR results ,except for the vazectomized or

      low sperm count males.

Efficient sample analysis

   -  Strip test results, obtained in 10 minuted.

Dual-monoclonal antibodies

   -  Especific for human semenogelin antigen

   -  No cross reaction observed with human blood, saliva, urine, vaginal secretions or

      menstrual blood.

   -  No cross reaction observed with anomal semen. Speciestested include cow, pig,

      dog, goat, sheep and higher primates.

Lateral flow strip test

   -  Standard assay format.

   -  Extended shelf life.  

Complete set of protocols included

  -  Extraction protocols for forensic samples.

  -  Single tube extraction. Analysis and DNA profile

  -  Protocol suitable for  DNA extraction  and STR Analysis

  -  Easy i ntegration into standard laboratory procedure.


RSDI-Semen:   Competitive analysis                     Forensic detection of Semen     

  Format Sensitivity Specificity Comparison

RSIDä - Semen

Lateral Flow Strip

High < 50 nL

Human ONLY Confirmatory test. Lowest false positive rate

PSA / P30

Lateral Flow Strip

Med-High < 100 nL Fair Widely used, known false positives

Acid Phosphatase

Enzymatic assay

low, 1-2 µL Poor Cheap, many false positives

+   The only CONFIRMATORY TEST for human semen - No animal or body cross - reactivity.

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