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Ref.: 7301  Sperm Hy-Liter express (  25 test)

Ref.: 7302  Sperm Hy-Liter espress (  50 test)

Ref.: 7303  Sperm Hy-Liter express (150 test)




Never miss a Human Sperm Cell again!

Complete fluorescent staining kit for SEXUAL ASSAULT EVIDENCE


-  Positive identification of Sperm cells

-  Microscopic screening of sperm

-  Human specific - Monoclonal antibody-based

-  Fluorescent detection- Debris does not interfere

-  Mets new audit standars for evidence preservation

-  They glow - Scan at 40x



Step1: Attach Cells to Slide:                  5 minutes

Step2: Sample Preparation:                 15 minutes  

Step3: Blocking:                                   15 minutes

Step4: Labeling & Staining                  15 minutes

Step5: Mounting & Cover Slip (optional)    2 minutes

-   Faster staining time: Staining time reduced to ~60 minutes

-   Same simple staining technique: quick fixation, sample preparation, block, stain – cover slip and visualize

-   Same unique specificity: only human sperm heads are identified

-   Same sensitivity: identify a single spermatozoa on a slide in less than 2 minutes (smear or extract slides)

-   Same confirmation steps: nuclear staining with DAPI Faster

-   Brighter signal: better fluorophore – brighter sperm heads



Only Human Sperm heads are identified!



  • Specific for Human Sperm Heads

  • Fluorescent tagged Mouse Monoclonal antiobody

  • No Reaction With: Ovine, Porcine, Caprine, Murine, Canine, Equine, Bovine, and Feline

Can you find the Sperm?



  • Fluorescent Detection of Sperm From Sexual Assault Evidence

  • Find Hidden Sperm

  • Outstanding Signal / Noise

Identify Sperm from cuttings, smear slides, extracts, KPIC slides,cold cases... etc.

  • Stain Over KPIC

  • Stain Smear Slides

  • Stain Extracts

  • Simple and Easy-to-Use Protocol

  • Scan Slides in Minutes

Cell Type Specificity

Buccal Extract, Smear slide with Sperm

Phase contrast          DAPI filter                FITC filter   


Cell Type Specificity

Buccal, Urine & Blood extracts with Sperm

Phase contrast            DAPI filter                 FITC filter     


Species Specificity

Animal Semen (various) without Human Semen

Phase contrast            DAPI filter                 FITC filter     

Cell Type Specificity

Post-Coital Sample, Smear slide withSperm

Phase contrast            DAPI filter                 FITC filter    


Sensitivity & Specificity

Buccal, Urine & Blood Extracts down to a Single Sperm

Phase contrast            DAPI filter                 FITC filter      


Species Specificity

Animal Semen (various) with Human Semen

Phase contrast            DAPI filter                 FITC filter     

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