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     PHADEBAS - Forensic      Saliva  Test     


Phadebas Forensic Saliva Test products are divided into two categories:


1.-  The Press Test

Phadebas Press Test contains pre-coated papers that are capable of localising and identifying saliva on any type of fabric or material.


2.-  The Tube Test:

Phadebas Tube Test is used for presumptive testing of suspicious stains. The Tube Test assay is very sensitive and is regularly used as an indicative test of visible stains

    Phadebas Forensic Press Test

The Phadebas Press Test was developed in cooperation with Forensic Biology laboratories world wide. The papers were previously produced in each individual laboratory by crushing Phadebas tablets and spraying a Phadebas slurry on filter papers. On request from Forensic Biology labs Magle took this process to develop pre-manufactured papers that:

  • Are applicable directly from package;

  • Are easy to handle and use

  • Have negligible batch variations;

  • Include Batch number and Expiry date

  • Give no difference between labs and consequently have higher credibility as evidence material

Phadebas Press test is available in four formats:


Ref.: PH1314 *  12 hojas de 300x195 mm  This format suitable for schools, forensic academies and for training courses

Ref.: PH1315 *  25 hojas de 395x300 mm

Ref.: PH1316 *  50 hojas de 395x300 mm

Ref.: PH1317 *  1 rollo de papel continuo de 395 mm x 15 metros. This format is suitable for screening larger items or for cutting out smaller pieces suitable for the application.



    Phadebas Forensic Tube Test

Phadebas Tube Test is used for presumptive testing of suspicious stains. It is based on the Phadebas Amylase Test tablets but follows a separate method developed by the Forensic Biology labs. The assay is more sensitive compared to Phadebas Press Test but is complimentary as it is used to analyse visible stains.


Ref.: PH1301 *  50 tablets

Ref.: PH1302 *  5  x 100 tablet






Phadebas Forensic Press Test


As easy as ....




3.- Trace an outline of the testing area on the Phadebas paper

1.- Place item to be tested on a flat and clean surface. Dampen the item with wate


4.- Cover the Phadebas paper with a clean glass board. Weigh down the arrangement

2. Cover testing area with Phadebas paper, reagent side down. Damper Phadebas paper with water


5.- Start the timer and observe the test frequently during 40 minutes. Record the time of positive reaction


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