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Human Fluids Identifier

RSID  Semen * Saliva * Blood * Urine *  Sperm. Test for identification of human body fluids: semen, saliva, blood, urine and sperm. These tests are the most reliable and accurate on their results within the current market   MMC - NarcoSpray  Spray test for drugs detection



RSID READER  Handheld RSID - Lateral Flow Strip Test System with LCD screen and data management   AMPLICON Rx  Post - PCR clean-up kit




Blood Stains Revealer      SALIVA Test
BLUESTAR  Revealer for occult blood stains, for use in both, crime scene and forensic labs   Phadebas  Press Test is capable of localizing and identifying saliva on any type of fabric or material. Tube test is used for presumptive testing of suspicious stains


        Test   PSA   Test  for Human Blood presence
Identi-PSA   Immunochromatographic test for prostate specific antigen detection   Hexagon OBTI  Rapid test for verification and identification of human blood. Forensic use

Drugs           Test   HEM
 IDenta  The most accurate, safer  and easy to use professional drug testing kit. Virtually NO false positives.  

Identi-HEM   Rapid test for the detection of human hemoglobin


Explosives   Precursors

IDenta  Durable and easy  to use detection of explosives test

TNT/PETN,RDX/Nitrate * Urea Nitrate * Ammonium Nitrate * TATP/HMTD * Chlorate / Bromate

  IDenta  The production of almost all illicit drugs require chemicals to be transformed into its final form


 Ballistics   Fingerprinting
IDenta - B.T.KIdentification of bullet holes and marks produced by projectiles   I.D.  Clean Ink pads for fingerprinting, alcohol free, dries instanlty for permanent and high resolution imprints

 Aerosols   Forensic Molds
EcoSpray  The perfect method for forensic spray. Better than a spray.   ForensicSil.  Specially designed Silicone for making evidence molds easily and completely harmless to health

      Lizard Q  


Lizard Q  Lizard Q spherical camera quickly and automatically captures spherical panoramic images (360ºx180º) or high resolution   Athena Cable / light guide . Lighting System Operations section in difficult conditions.

     ReporteR         X-Loupe

ReporteR  DeltaNu introduces the world's smallest Portable Raman Spectromete


X-Loupe  DSLR Ilumination platform for macro and micro photography at forensic crime scenes.



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