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The most reliable products used worldwide , for research in both the crime scene, as in the forensic laboratories.















Accuracy, reliability and total confidence, nothing requires greater security than the criminal  and forensic investigation.

That is why, on SEIDDEN identificación, we support our clients in the most rapid and reliable way, always seeking the most appropriate to their needs, either within our catalog or in others.

And of course, ensuring   the highest quality standards required in the global market, when we supply our products.


Latest Products

NARCOSPRAY  Spray test for drugs detection


IDENTI-HEM Rapid test for the detection of human hemoglobin.


IDENTI-PSA Immunochromatographic test for prostate specific antigen detection.


REPORTE-R Portable Raman spectrometer for presumptive roadside testing of illegal narcotics, explosives, precursors and dangerous substances


X-LOUPE DSLR Ilumination platform for macro and micro photography at forensic crime scenes


LIZARD Q Lizard Q spherical camera quickly and automatically captures spherical panoramic images (360ºx180º) or high resolution


ATHENA  Cable / light guide . Lighting System Operations section in difficult conditions.


AMPLICON Rx  Amplified DNA


RSID-READER  Handheld RSID - Lateral Flow Strip Test System


PHADEBAS   Revealer Saliva












other    C A T A L O G S

Light Sources, Evidence Collection, Packaging, Lab Equipment, Latent Prints, Magnifiers, Tools, Scene Protection, etc...



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