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Athena  Lighting Systems for operations in difficult conditions

Our equipment is devised to give long-term, autonomous marking, signalling, and guidance when visibility is low using very bright continuous luminescence (from 20 up to 300 mts). Its aim is to provide assistance and security to all operators who need guiding in environments with low or no visibility, in open or closed spaces


Users can see and be seen in the dark, while remaining free in their movements.


Luminous lifelines provide operators with greater security and efficiency. Their luminosity reduces stress levels and facilitates communication with the outside using the flashing light mode.


Our top-quality, sturdy products are designed for professional use. They were developed in collaboration with the Parisian fire brigade (BSPP) and match their technical specifications.

"We’ve moved from the 19th century into the 21st century: at last we can see clearly under water."  (BSPP manager - French firefighters - diving section)




Beaconing for searches in open or closed waters, subways, sewers, etc...

-  Technical diving deep waters, wrecks, potholes, under ice, etc..

-  Marking intervention areas: searching for victims, inspecting dams, etc...

-  Underwater works: construction, inspecting hulls, propellers, wrecks, oilrigs sluices, etc...



Our guide lines can be installed permanently and light up automatically during power cuts to indicate evacuation paths and assembly routes prior to evacuation


Civil Security

The electroluminescent guide line can be used for marking out zones on the public way, in mountains, forests, at sea… above ground, underground, and in the water.


Marking out primary and secondary routes of underground circuits (caves, grottoes, mines, galleries, etc…)



Galleries, tunnels, caves, corridors, car parks and other very smoke-filled spaces: searches for origin of smoke, any victims, and marking out a path to access the fire


Sport activities

Marking trainning courses, outdoor iluminated pahts, etc.




All of our equipment comprises a very long luminescent cable powered by a top-quality power module. They can be used on land or in water, in portable or fixed mode.


Each model comes in a standard length, but we can meet requests for specific lengths from 20 to 300 meters.


Usage: the material is devised for use on land or in the water.

On land, in can be used to identify and mark out intervention zones, or indicate access and evacuation routes. In the water, the base and reel are not watertight, and only the cable can be submerged. Light can be sent by flash mode to transmit instructions, give a more att attractive look for certain uses, or increase autonomy.


Maintenance: this equipment is designed for intensive use. It requires no particular care except for jet spraying with fresh water, which is indispensible after use in the sea


Available from 80 up to 300 meters. This flexible, continuous luminescent cable is very bright, thin and long, and comes on a reel fitted onto a mobile base.

Powered by rechargeable battery; depending on operating methods Autonomy ranges from 8 to 16 hours.

The battery and electronic module are fitted into the central hub, which is protected from dust and water. The charger is external.


The battery and its control electronics are fitted into a leak-tight box equipped with a charging indicator, a pressure relief valve and a 3-position control switch. The charger is external and connects to the outside of the box.

Available in lengths from 10 up to 120m - LS range Interchangeable cable sections.

Its superior mechanical characteristics make it very sturdy and resistant to shock. Powered by rechargeable battery, it is autonomous for up to 8 hours depending on the lighting mode and length of cable segment used.


This luminescent line measuring a maximum 300 meters is delivered with a power module and devised to be installed permanently or semi-permanently under water or outdoors.

Applications: marking out evacuation routes: connected to the mains, it automatically switches to battery in case of power cuts. Marking out approach and training circuits at night or in galleries, under water or outdoors


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