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Lizard Q

Lizard Q spherical camera quickly and automatically captures spherical panoramic images (360ºx180º) or high resolution

Principle of operation

LizardQ is a robotic camera mount for creating high-resolution panoramic or full spherical HDR images (HDR = high dynamic range). It uses a digital SLR camera and a lens with wide viewing angle. The full spherical image is assembled from a number of individual images using specialized processing software running on a computer.


For full spherical image capture, the camera is positioned automatically to several overlapping viewing directions. In each position a sequence of images with different exposure and ISO settings is taken. The capture process can be paused or canceled. Capture parameters can be adjusted to optimally fit the scene to be photographed.


Images are saved in Canon RAW format, on memory cards Compact Flash. Individual RAW images are marked with special meta tags, so they can be sorted and aligned automatically. The final panoramic HDR image is generated by the processing software and stored on the computer's hard disk.




LizardQ is a professional camera system for quickly and automatically creating panoramic or full spherical (360°×180°) images with high resolution and high dynamic range (HDR). A professional digital camera with a precision-aligned fisheye lens provides high-quality raw images. Our high-performance software automatically creates the panoramic or full spherical image from the raw data

100 Megapíxel

Delivers full spherical images at 100 Megapixel resolution. For each panoramic image, multiple full frame fisheye shots of 22 Megapixel each, captured from 6 different viewing directions are combined automatically.

Image capture speed

Depends on scenery (daylight, indoors, night) and capture settings.

       90 sec typical capture time for a reasonably lit indoor scene

       25 sec capture time for an outdoor scene and full daylight

         7 min capture time for a night scene with minimal lighting


Fast image processing

The processing of camera RAW files into the final panoramic image is a matter of 3 to 6 minutes


High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging makes sure almost no scene is too bright or too dark. Exposure bracke­ting yields a dynamic range of up to 30 f-stops. Select a HDR capture mode to optimize for best contrast range or shortest capture time.


Take images at nigth

Long exposure times of up to 30 seconds enable HDR image capture at night with very little ambient light.

Automatic operation

No need to get exposure times right. The built-in auto exposure guaran­tees fully automatic operation at the push of a single button. Switch to manual mode for full control over contrast range and lens aperture.


Remote control

Change capture settings remotely with your iPhone, iPod touch or other WiFi enabled internet device. Start, stop and pause captures, preview images and watch progress while staying out of sight. 
With WiFi turned off, you can still do basic remote operation using the tiny key fob

Effortless setup

No need to tediously level the tripod. Your panoramic images will be leveled automatically, reliably and accurately, courtesy of the built-in tilt sensors. Saves time on scene, saves headaches back in the office.



Know where your images have been taken. A GPS satellite receiver delivers accurate location data. Generated panoramic images are geotagged auto­matically


8 hours endurance

LizardQ offers an endurance of 8 hours (or 200 panoramas) on one battery. Replacing empty batteries is a snap. A charger is built in and several external charging solutions are available. 


Lightweight and portable

The LizardQ device is easy to carry at only 3.7 kg (8.2 lbs), including battery and Canon camera. The convenient carrying case (trolley) holds everything while still qualifying as carry-on baggage.



Technical reports are available.

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