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DeltaNu introduces the world's smallest Portable Raman Spectrometer.


The ReporteR is a portable Raman spectrometer that can be used for presumptive roadside testing of illegal narcotics, explosives, precursors and dangerous substances. It is the latest advance in rapid and  non-destructive testing.


Testing of suspicious substances by crime labs can take up to several weeks. Many police agencies have turned to presumptive substance testing due to this delay. Our palm sized ReporteR,  weighing less than 11 oz, can rapidly identify illicit narcotics in seconds. When the result of the test indicates an illegal substance; criminal charges can be filed.


Unlike chemical pouch and swab kits, this is a simple and non destructive test that can be performed on less than 100 mg of sample. This allows the officer to preserve the evidence for confirmatory testing for trial procedures. Field data is saved in a simple report format.


How it Works:


Real-time and accurate identification of an unknown narcotic occurs by comparing its unique spectroscopic fingerprint to that of reference drugs stored in a spectral library. Results are displayed on a highly visible LED display that allows non-technical users to employ the device in the field.



- Accessory attachments for liquids and solids

- High visibility LED display

- Rechargeable battery > 4 hours

- USB/external power supply recharge

- USB for PC control

- Operable temperature range ( -20 C to 40 C )

- Dimensions 6 x 3 x 1.75"

- Weight 11 oz.


Technical reports are available.

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